Dutch Colonial Revival

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Dutch Colonial Revival


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Historic Overview

The Dutch Colonial Revival style encompasses two phases of architecture, each of which displays the key feature of the type: its gambrel roof. 

The first phase of the Dutch Colonial Revival style was more varied in its design of the houses. The earliest examples were derived from the Shingle Style (1890s) and often featured intersecting gambrel-roofed masses. In the early 20th century, Dutch Colonial Revival houses were slightly simpler in design but still displayed a variety of stylistic options. An example of this earlier phase of the type is the twin at 168 John Street. The house features a flared roof that extends over the front porch. The long shed dormer on the lower slope of the roof is a typical but essential element of this phase of the style. 

The second phase of the Dutch Colonial Revival was constructed in a narrow time frame, mostly between 1925 and 1940. Several examples of this phase of the Dutch Colonial Revival style were noted in the Witherspoon-Jackson community, none of which appears on the Sanborn atlas of 1918. These houses were related to the Bungalow in many ways, and in fact several companies that sold Dutch Colonial Revival kit houses. The design of these houses was more uniform than in the earlier phase. These houses were almost entirely end-gabled houses that featured a long shed dormer that occupied the bulk of the lower slope of the roof. A pent roof, often interrupted by a small arcuated portico, connected the roof to the wall surface. While most examples were built with the ridge parallel to the street, in the Witherspoon- Jackson community, all examples feature a gambrel end facing the street. Most have a shed-roofed front porch on the front gambrel end, with a set of steps leading down to the grade of the front lawn. The example shown here is 110 Leigh.

Dutch Colonial Revival

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