Historic Police Photos

Old Time Borough Police Photos
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Officer Harry Kahny riding a 3-wheeled Harley Davidson motorcycle.  In the background is Lahiers restaurant on Witherspoon St.   Photo is believed to be from the 1960's.

Princeton Borough P.B.A Basketball team 1972

Top Row, Left to Right

Ron Holiday, Dave Alston, Tom Michaud, Ralph Procaccino

Bottom Row, Left to Right

Tommy Procaccino, Kerry Klink, Bob Mucciarelli, Victor Fasanella



Squad Photo taken 1974

Left to Right

Sgt. Ralph Procaccino

Patrol Officer Kerry Klink

Patrol Officer William Fitch

Patrol Officer John Holcombe

Patrol Officer Charlie Harris

Patrol Officer Jerry Patterson


Career Patrol Officer William Hunter (Ret.)

Riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle in December of 1968


Front row, left to right: Sgt. T. Proaccino, Sgt. R. Anderson, Admin. R. Mooney, Commissioner J. Moore, Chief M. Carvevale, Mayor R. Cawley, Capt. T. Lewis, Sgt. R. Procaccino, Lt. J. Bellow, Sec. B. Bodine. 2nd row: Patrol Officers D. Lewis, R. Holliday, V. Fasanella, G. Patterson, J. Wilhelm, J. Agins, C. Harris, J. Markinson, R. Mucciarelli and Meter Officer M. Copper. 3rd row:Patrol Officers K. Klink, W. Hunter, D. Alston, J. Holcombe, W. Fitch, P. Hanley, Meter Officer Drummond and Patrol Officer B. Lenhardt. 4th row: Det. Sgt. A. Gallant, Det. T. Michaud, Det. A. Ranfone, Det. T. Huizing, Det. D. Watson. Officer W. Guinn and Det. R. McAvenia 


Departmental Photograph taken in front of the old Borough Hall

Departmental Photograph taken October 14, 1960

Front row: J. Chasko, F. Maguire, J. Kopliner, R. Mondone, R. Male, P. McCrohan, R.J Anderson, R. Applegate, R. RcAvenia, A. Gallant. Back row: W. Guinn, C. Harris, T. Proccaccino, H. Kahny, D. Watson, M. Carnevale, R. Shangle, R. Procaccino, R. Panicaro, J. Markuson, T. Lewis, S. Donald.

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