Legal Services and Immigration in Mercer County

Legal Services and Immigration in Mercer County
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Central Jersey Legal Services

Is a nonprofit law firm that offers free legal help in civil (non-criminal) cases for low-income residents of Mercer, Middlesex and Union Counties. They provide information, advice, and representation to individuals who have a legal problem but cannot afford an attorney.

317 George Street, Suite 201, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-2006

Phone: (732) 249-7600


Community Health Law Project (CHLP)

Represents the elderly and disabled who are unable to afford the services of private attorneys. CHLP attorneys, social service advocates and volunteers serve vulnerable people who are in crisis and at risk of losing their homes, their health care and other essential components of their lives. CHLP also has a Civil Rights and Fair Housing Litigation which resulted in over 3,000 apartments and condominiums in New Jersey.       

225 E. State St., Trenton, New Jersey 08608                                                                                                                  

Phone: (609) 392-5553                                                                                                     



Community Justice Center

Provides legal assistance for disabled, low income people and veterans, including help for veterans obtaining social security benefits.

310 W. State St., Trenton, New Jersey 08618                                                                                                                   

Phone: (609) 218-5120                                                                                                     


El Centro of Catholic Charities 

Provides Legal assistance specializing in Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Naturalization/Citizenship, Temporary Protected Status (TPS), U Visas, etc.

327 S. Broad St. Trenton, NJ 08608

Phone: (609) 394-2056



Mercer County Hispanic Association (MECHA) 

Is a private non-profit organization that is dedicated in provided services to the Latino population of Mercer County. The organization and its individuals are dedicated in providing, advocating, and access services to assist the Latino Community.

18 E 6th Avenue, Hamilton, New Jersey

Phone: (609) 587-8800


Mercer County Legal Services Project for the Elderly

Provides legal advice and/or representation in non-fee gathering matters: power of attorney, wills for small estates, Social Security and Medicare problems, consumer matters, tenants' rights, divorces, property problems.

640 South Broad Street P.O. Box 8068, Trenton, New Jersey 08650                                                                                                    Phone: (609) 695-6249                                                                                                          



Victim/Witness Advocacy Program

Is a program run by Mercer County Prosecutor's Office who assists people who are victims of violent crimes. They serve as a liaison for people needing assistance who are victims of crime and want compensation.

25 Market Street P.O. Box 085, Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0085                                                                                                                

Phone: (609) 989-6428 or (609) 989-6274,

Victims of domestic violence, call (609) 989-6810                                                                                                                                 


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