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The Municipality of Princeton maintains a registry of local tree (aboricultural) companies as well as landscapers.

  • Individuals and aboricultural companies who wish to be registered to work in Princeton must have the Tree Expert and Tree Care Operator License issued by the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts. This board has established criteria for licensing and also tracks negligence among its licensees. 
  • Landscaper company registration ensures that individuals and companies are cognizant of Princeton's regulations concerning the leaf, branch, and log collection program; federal and New Jersey state wage and hour laws; and New Jersey state workers compensation laws.

The registered arboricultural and landscaper companies listed here are not "recommended" per se. Rather, every individual or company who registers with Princeton's Department of Infrastructure & Operations is posted to the website.

Registered Aboricultural Companies

Aboricultural Company Registration Form

Registered Landscaper Companies  

List of Sustainable Landscapers (list maintained by Sustainable Princeton)

Landscaper Company Registration Form (English) (Spanish)

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