Healthy Homes Initiative

Learn more on how to keep your home safe and healthy
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Princeton Healthy Homes Initiative

Princeton Human Services and the Health Department will be working with local community partners to introduce the new Healthy Homes Initiative. A healthy home is one that promotes safe, decent, and sanitary housing as a means for preventing disease and injury. Substandard housing can have long term effects on both the physical and mental health of its occupants. The Human Services and Health Department wish to work with the residents of Princeton to promote, create, and maintain healthy homes in our community

Our Vision

To lead the community to a future where homes are both affordable and designed, constructed, rehabilitated, and maintained in a manner that supports the health and safety of occupants

Our Mission

To reduce health and safety hazards in housing in a comprehensive and cost-effective manner, with a particular focus on protecting the health of children and other sensitive populations in low-income households.

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