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The New Jersey Open Public Records Act established two items important to people seeking local, county or state government information. First, it provided a definition of what is considered a public government record. Second, it established a process with timeframes for making formal requests for government records. The following information below is provided for people seeking to make an OPRA request for Princeton governmental records.

How do I request a public record 

Where do I send Requests for Princeton Public records?

Other Governmental Record

What is a public Record

  • Printed Documents such as agendas, minutes, budget worksheets and presentations, contracts, bills, vouchers
  • Handwritten Documents
  • Books, Maps and Photographs
  • Tape and Video Recordings
  • Computer Records and E-Mail 
  • Electronically Stored Information


  • Where a record does not exist and one must be created to respond to a request. Information that would jeopardize security. 
  • If the record is electronic, the municipality is not obligated to provide the software to view the record.Personal Information such as social security number, driver license number, unlisted phone number 
  • Public Defender files

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