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Princeton's Curbside Organic Program started in June 2011 as a 3 month pilot program. The program has successfully continued since then with over 1,000 households participating and more than 600 tons of waste not going to a landfill.

We are currently not accepting new participants as we work on the 2019 registration. If you need to renew for 2018 please use this form. If you are interested in participating in the organics programs please sign up for the Mayors Weekly Newsletter to get the most recent updates on that program.

What items can you put in the green organic cart?

A tremendous amount of organic material: not just left-over food (including meat, fish & bones) but also pizza boxes, waxed cardboard, soiled paper products, and most yard waste including weeds.

What happens to the organics once it has been collected?

It is turned into compost. Huge amounts of organic waste are involved so the compost piles get very hot. This means that compost can be made using items that can't be easily composted in a back yard, such as meat and bones, fish skins, pizza boxes and yard waste. Organics become compost in just 90 days after you put them out for weekly collection.

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Mayor Lempert and County Commissioner Brian Hughes Support the Curbside Organics Program: Princeton Composts

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