Walnut Lane Afterschool Closure

Walnut closed between Houghton and Franklin during dismissal

In order to ensure the safety of both middle and high school students, Walnut Lane will be closed to through traffic from Houghton to Franklin Avenue during afternoon dismissals on “regular” school days from 2:45pm until 3:45pm to allow the 16 school buses to double-park in the closed area.  Once all buses are loaded, they will depart and the roadway will be opened.


At this time the morning drop-off procedures/traffic flowwill remain unchanged, the Walnut Lane closure is for afternoondismissal only.  The plan still needs to be fine-tuned for early dismissaldays which start in November.


Unfortunately due to the large volume of parents driving topick-up/drop-off their children; all the buses which are needed to transportthe students; and the flow of pedestrians the situation had become virtuallyunmanageable and unsafe at dismissal times.  We recognize that thistemporary closure of Walnut Lane does still pose some challenges and wecontinue to work with the school administration to fine-tune thespecifics.  We urge parents to consider carpooling or utilize the providedbusing as the traffic flow issues that exist are the result of sheer volume andthere is little that can be done to mitigate it.   One related point:we’ve heard complaints from parents about crossing guards not “directingtraffic” to have it flow easier at intersections.  Legally, crossingguards are not allowed to direct traffic-they are trained to stop traffic tocross children but are not supposed to be traffic directors.

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