Getting around Princeton

Go Bike!

Bikes on Transit

NJ TRANSIT, TigerTransit, and the freeB services all allow you to take your bike with you when you ride.  Some restrictions apply on NJ TRANSIT rail

Free Parking!

Check out our map of bike parking locations in Princeton, and here’s a map just for Princeton University 

Bike Maps

Maps to help with your trip planning.   NJDOT Trail Guides and the Mercer County Bikeability Map

Go Bus!

Go Local 

A message from our Health Officer in reference to the freeB service:

The FreeB Bus service was suspended when the original shutdown of the state went into effect last March and remains suspended. As the Princeton Transit Advisory Committee continues to evaluate the feasibility of resuming the FreeB service, our primary concern is the safety of the riders and its operator. Resuming the service can only happen if we can do so safely and in accordance with state-mandated guidance for public transportation.Additionally, the primary ridership using the service is considered high risk for Covid-19, which further necessitates that all established safety protocols be in place prior to resuming operations. The Princeton Health Department and the Princeton Board of Health are also monitoring the localized increase in cases in recent weeks. Our public health professionals are recommending continued suspension of the FreeB service. The Municipality will continue to monitor the situation. We appreciate your patience as we work to provide the safest options for our community.

Tiger Transit - Princeton University’s transit system is open to the public to ride. And, it’s FREE.

Go Out 

NJTRANSIT Bus 605 – Stops include Quakerbridge Mall, Mercer Mall, Nassau Park, Market Fair, Montgomery Shop-Rite, and Princeton Station.

NJTRANSIT Bus 606 – Travel to work, connect to NJ Transit’s River Line at the Trenton Transit Center, or visit the Capital City and rediscover the past.  All of that and a lot more of Mercer County to be seen on the 606.

Megabus – Sit back, relax and enjoy free WiFi on your way to and from the Port Authority in New York City.  For ticket information, click here.

Suburban/Coach USA –Suburban offers service from Princeton to  New York to New York City (and points in between).

100 Bus: Daily service from Princeton Shopping Center and Palmer Square to New York City. 

600 Bus: Weekday service from Palmer Square to downtown New York City

Track your ride

TigerTransit and the freeB buses can be tracked in real-time. Riders can track the location of any TigerTransit or freeB bus online or by cell phone using the TransLoc app.   Download TransLoc Rider in the app store, available for iPhone and Android

Purchase TIckets

NJ Transit App – Buy your tickets, plan your trip, and track the real-time status of your bus or train. 

Go Train!


Princeton Station – 152 Alexander Street. Princeton’s Dinky train will take you to and from Princeton Junction rail station. Amenities: Enclosed waiting room, restrooms (In Wawa), bike rental, bike racks, paid permit and Meter Parking.

Connecting Bus Transportation 

Service at the Princeton Station 

Princeton’s freeB bus service provides transportation to and from the station.

Princeton University’s Tiger Transit bus lines give you a head start on your train trip with service on several routes to the station.  Free and open to the general public.

NJTRANSIT 605 provides local transportation to and from downtown, north and east neighborhoods, Princeton Shopping Center and beyond.

Service at Princeton Junction Train Station 

NJTRANSIT 600 serving US 1 Corridor to Trenton and Plainsboro 

NJTRANSIT 612 with stops in Lawrence and West Windsor

East Windsor Shuttle The Princeton Junction Shuttle provides service from East Windsor and Hightstown to and from the Princeton Junction Train Station during the morning and evening rush hours, Monday through Friday excluding holidays. 

Add Biking to Your Trip

Bike racks are available at both stations.  Covered parking available at the Princeton Station.

Bike lockers are available to rent for six months or one year periods at Princeton Junction station

Bikes Onboard

Bike Routes – for a recommended bike route to the station call (609) 452-1491 or email

Go Walk!

Walk to School

Walk your kids to school and you both get to start your day being active. Physically active children have better concentration, mood, self-confidence, and more fun. Use the NJ Walking School Bus app to set up walking groups to walk your children to school.   

"Nearly 15% of Princeton’s working residents walk to work."

Explore Princeton by foot

Digital tour

Themed Walks

Campus Art Walks

Trails  and Parks

Walkability Score

Walking Resources



Charity Miles

Accupedo Pedometer

Other Ways to Go!

Ridesharing  New Jersey’s FREE ride matching service connects people to rides with New Jersey's largest commuter network. 

For additional information on carpooling and contact Greater Mercer TMA at or calling 609 452-1491. 

Registered carpoolers working in Mercer County are eligible for Greater Mercer TMA’s emergency ride home program.

Transportation for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities


Princeton’s Crosstown program provides door-to-door car transportation for residents 65 years and older or people with disabilities who do not drive. Rides are provided within the town of Princeton and to the University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro.  $3.00 per ride. 

Call (609) 924-7108 to register; after registration, call Ride Provide (609) 452-5144 to schedule a ride. Rides provided : 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Mon-Fri.


RideProvide is a community based non-profit transportation service for seniors 65 and over and visually impaired adults residing in Mercer County, Plainsboro and the southern portion of Montgomery NJ.  Service is provided Monday through Friday, 8:00am-5: 00 pm.  To learn more about RideProvide go to or call 609 452-5140.


Mercer County’s TRADE bus service provides non-emergency transportation to residents of Mercer County who are 60 and older and to people with disabilities. Rides are free with a suggested donation of $1.00.  To register and make a reservation call 609-530-1971.

Access Link

Access Link is a service for individuals with disabilities who are unable to use the local fixed bus route service.  All pick-up and drop-off points must be within a ¾ mile from the fixed route. To use Access Link, you must first apply for eligibility through NJ TRANSIT. 

Mercer County Mobility Guide

Greater Mercer TMA’s “how to” guide for traveling around Mercer County is available for download by clicking here.  For the Spanish version, click here

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