How does reporting Work?

1. Make sure the Report tab is selected. Enter the Princeton address or use the map marker to navigate to the area where the issue you want to report is located on the map. (Use the controls in the upper left corner to move the map around the window or zoom in and out.). 

2. Once you have indicated the address or mapped the location of your issue, click next.

3. Select a service request issue from the drop-down menu, such as "pothole" or "barking dog". Once you've entered a service request, you can then fill out a more detailed description of the issue and even attach a photograph. After this is complete, create an account where you can earn civic points, however you must enter a valid email address!! After you've completed all the fields, press submit to create a public report of your issue!

4. Residents may also select a previously entered issue to indicate agreement with the request, make additional comments or follow an issue. Constructive communication focused on identifying, prioritizing and fixing issues is our goal!!

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