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1. Do the Municipal Buildings have Public Wi-Fi?
2. Does the Community Park Pool have Wi-Fi?
3. Does Princeton have a guide for how much a landlord can raise the rent?
4. I plan on renting one room in my home. Do I need to have an inspection?
5. I own a property with three rental units. Does it need to be registered and inspected?
6. was told that the previous owner had already registered the property and was exempt from bi-annual inspection. Are there any forms I need to fill out?
7. Do I need to have my rental property inspected in between tenants?
8. How are the deed restrictions and rules and regulations enforced?
9. Are Princeton’s affordable housing properties deed restricted?
10. When, and how, are properties available for resale?
11. How is the purchase price determined?
12. What are the criteria for qualification to purchase?
13. What are the criteria for eligibility?
14. How is the program unique?