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Woodfield Reservation

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  1. Walking Trails
The main entrance to Woodfield is located off the old Great Road across from Tenacre Foundation; a gravel drive leads to a small parking lot. A hiking trail leading into the Reservation begins here. A second entrance to the Reservation is a footpath from the south side of Drakes Corner Road. Both entrances are marked by signs.

Woodfield Reservation is an irregularly shaped tract of almost 100 acres. It is a prime illustration of undisturbed land of Princeton Ridge, which has been called an "island of forest" in a "sea of suburban and agricultural development." The Reservation is covered with a mature forest and has many fairly steep slopes, making it suitable for vigorous walkers.

Two of the most interesting features of Woodfield are Council Rock, which overlooks a large, heavily bouldered basin, and Tent Rock, a massive boulder.