Public Works

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Contact Person
Dan Van Mater, Director
Phone Number
(609) 497-7639
(609) 279-9327
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Municipal Arborist: Taylor Sapudar


Department Location

One Monument Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540

Department Hours

Monday - Friday

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Department of Public Works

Public Works is responsible for Streets, Roads, Recycling, Refuse Collection, Shade Tree, Sewer and Parking Operations

Learn about Parking Operations

To report a pothole on a municipal street click here

If you see a pothole or any other road maintenance issue on Rt 27 (Nassau St) or Rt 206 (Stockton St., Bayard Ln.or State Rd.) please report that to NJ Department of Transportation. This can be done online or by calling 800-762-4653.

The following roadways are maintained by Mercer County:

  • Elm Rd from Rt 206 (Stockton) to Rosedale Rd
  • River Rd from Rt 27 to the County line with Somerset (.55 mile north of Herrontown Rd)
  • Rosedale Rd from Elm Rd to Province Line Rd
  • South Harrison St from the area of Western Way to the bridge over the canal
  • Washington Rd from the area of Ivy Lane to the bridge over the canal

To report a road maintenance issue on one of the listed roads contact Mercer County 609-530-7510. For more information on Mercer County visit their website


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