How does Princeton designate a historic district?

Areas of study for districts are outlined in the Princeton Community Master Plan. When an area is chosen for study as a district, a letter will be mailed to owners in the area of study which outlines the following:

  • An architectural survey will be performed by a consultant who may be seen surveying the area of study along with staff and Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) members
  • The HPC is researching the area for historic data
  • The letter will ask the owner for any known historical facts pertaining to the study area or of any persons who may be interested in providing historic information

Proposed Boundaries

After the study is completed, the proposed boundaries of the district are drawn and a public hearing will be held. The survey will be reviewed by the HPC. Notice of this hearing is included on the HPC agenda, and a letter is sent to all property owners in the area of study inviting them to the hearing. Public comments on the proposed designation are welcomed by the HPC at the hearing. After the public’s input, the HPC deliberates and may pass a resolution to recommend to the governing body that a district be created.

Introduced Ordinance

If a district is recommended for designation, the Princeton Attorney is instructed to prepare an ordinance for introduction by the governing body on the proposed district. The introduced ordinance is referred to the Planning Board for comment. Princeton conducts a public hearing. The introduced ordinance returns to the governing body for final review and consideration. If adopted, the district is designated.

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