How do you file for preservation plan approval?

An applicant files a preservation plan and submits three copies to the Office of Historic Preservation, located in the Zoning Department. The filing fees $75. Depending on the scope of the project, the preservation plan can be approved administratively by the Historic Preservation Officer and Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) Chair, or by the full HPC.

Application Approval Period

If the application is part of a development application for site plan or subdivision, the administrative officer of that application has a 45 day review period for completeness. If the application can be approved administratively, the Historic Preservation Officer has fifteen calendar days to review the application for completeness. If the preservation plan requests a full HPC review, the Historic Preservation Officer prepares a report for the Commission and the application is scheduled on the agenda of the next available Commission meeting.

Public Hearing

The preservation plan is reviewed and discussed and a public hearing is conducted on the plan. It is suggested that the applicant or a representative attend the hearing. Applications are on file and are available for public inspection at least ten days before the date of the hearing.

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