163 Bayard Lane


  • Historic Name: 163 Bayard Lane
  • Address: 163 Bayard Lane
  • Tax Parcel: 1114_6903_33
  • Historic District: Witherspoon-Jackson
  • Historic Style: Modern
  • Historic Street: Bayard Lane
  • Classification: Noncontributing
  • Number of Resources: 1
  • Number of Stories: 1
  • Material: Brick
  • Historic Function: Commerce
  • Current Function: Commerce

Photo from 2015

163 Bayard Ln Front of the Building (PNG)

Photo from 2015

163 Bayard Ln Side (PNG)

Photo from 2015

163 Bayard Ln Side 2 (PNG)


Noncontributing commercial building featuring stone and metal and glass detailing, clearstory window band and pronounced shed roof over 2-story portion of building.  


The building was constructed c. 1990. An earlier house on the property was constructed c. 1925. The building was later used as a restaurant and was enlarged several times. The earlier building appears on historic aerials through the 1980s. It was demolished c. 1990 to create space for the construction of the current building. 

Sources: Sanborn, aerials.