Sewer Connections, Disconnections, and Repairs

A permit from the sewer department is required for any connection to the public sewer, disconnection of an existing connection, or repair of an existing connection. 

Applicants should include a drawing or set of drawings which show the entire path of the sewer lateral from the building to the connection to the public sewer along with the completed Application for a Sewer Connect / Disconnect / Repair (PDF). Drawings should indicate the location of cleanouts, property lines, pipe material, pipe diameter, and other such pertinent details.

In accordance with N.J.S.A. 40A:26A, a connection fee may be assessed for a new connection to the public sewer, an additional connection from an already connected property, an increase in the size (diameter) of an existing connection, or the construction of additional service units on a property. Further, a fee may be assessed for any change-of-use which is anticipated to increase the volume of sewage produced so long as the connection was made less than 20 years ago. For fee information, review the Schedule of Sewer Connection Fees. If a connection or change-of-use fee is assessed, a permit will not be issued until the fee has been paid.

Following issuance of a permit: 

  • If any work was done in the public right-of-way or municipal easement, the owner of the approved connection must allow a representative from the Sewer Department to inspect the newly constructed connection/disconnection/repair. The inspection will be performed prior to backfill of the trench. Any part of the work which may have been covered shall be uncovered for examination. 
  • If any portion of an existing lateral was not repaired or replaced, the owner must submit a video inspection of the lateral to the department showing that the lateral is in adequate structural condition and does not show signs of groundwater infiltration.