Solicitor's Permit

Application Process

Application for License

Submit completed application to the Municipal Clerk's Office with all forms and required materials. All items must be complete for processing.

  • Applicant's signature must be notarized before submitting the application for processing. Princeton does not provide notary services.
  • Application fee of $100 per person and must be submitted at the time of application.Make checks payable to PRINCETON.The fee is non-refundable whether or not the license is approved or denied.
  • Two photographs of the applicant approximately (2 by 2 inches) must be submitted with the application.
  • Complete Authorization for Release of Information.

Request for a Criminal History Record (Solicitor's License Background)

Please follow the below instructions and note that you will need to use a credit card or electronic check as payment for the required State Bureau of Identification (SBI) check fee of $20:

  1. Go to the State of New Jersey website. You will need to enter the police department Originating Agency Identification (ORI) number on the first page, which is NJ0111000. At this time it is incumbent on the applicant to verify the ORI number to make sure it is correct. A literal translation will appear and the applicant has the option of continuing or canceling the filing. You will see the following below the ORI entrance block if the correct ORI number NJ0111000 is entered: "The selected ORI Number is associated with City/Agency - "PRINCETON TWP PD". After the NJ0111000 selection has been made, click "Continue".
  2. If the "Continue" option is chosen, the applicant will fill out the demographics (Personal, Address and Contact Information). After filling out the required information, click "Continue".
  3. On the "Filing" screen you will select the type of background needed from the "Reason for Filing Request" options:
    • Local Ordinance
    • New Jersey Statutes 2C:58-3. Purchase of Firearms
    • State Agencies
    • Statute for Housing and Urban Development Compliance
  4. For Solicitors, etc. they will select the "Local Ordinance" option. Once this is done, the "Description of Reason for Filing Request" box located just underneath the aforementioned selection must be completed with the appropriate statute, rule or regulation, executive order, administrative code, local ordinance or resolution. For example, in the "Description of Reason for Filing Request" box the applicant will type, "Solicitor's License, Princeton Ordinance 14-3".
  5. When this information is completed, the applicant must then check the agreement box located at the bottom of the "Filing" page. You will have the opportunity to review and make changes on any of the previous screens at the next "Review" screen before moving on to the payment screen.Click 'Continue".
  6. If all of the entered information is correct, the applicant will check out. Click "Continue" then "Checkout" on the "Checkout" screen. On the "Transaction Summary" screen you'll note there is a fee of $20 and payment must be made by credit card or electronic check. Choose Credit Card or Electronic Check on the Payment drop-down menu. Click "Continue" and enter the required information on the following screen. Once payment is verified, the applicant will receive a Confirmation and Receipt that will include the confirmation number. A copy of this should be submitted to the Princeton Police Department. The SBI request and records check will then be forwarded to the Princeton Police Department via their ORI number, NJ0111000.

Mobile Food Vendors

Applicants for mobile food vending must also apply to the Princeton Regional Health Department for license and vehicle inspection. A copy of the license must be provided.

Renewal of License

To renew a solicitors permit the applicant must file a new application and Request for a Criminal History Record (Solicitor's License Background) and repeat the processing procedure annually which includes review and approval by the Princeton Police Department.