Digital Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting processing for personal record requests and employment purposes are now being conducted by the state contract vendor Idendtogo. Forms and instructions are available at the New Jersey State Police (NJSP) website.

Prior to accessing the website please read the function for each form. Once you have identified the proper form for you to use, please print the universal form from the website and follow the directions on the form.

  • Form A: Good Conduct Letter, Immigration, Naturalization, Personal Records, Visa, Expungement
  • Form B: International Adoption Requiring Notarization, Foreign Business Requiring Notarization
  • Form C: Employment Check (Response returned to applicant)
  • Form D: Employment Check (Response returned to employer)

Questions & Additional Information

Any questions regarding the use of these forms can be directed to the Criminal Information Unit of the NJSP at 609-882-2000. Additional information on criminal history checks may also be found on the NJSP website. Appointments for fingerprinting at Identogo can be made online or by calling 877-503-5981.

Fingerprinting for All Other Federal Background Purposes


  • Must be a Princeton Resident
  • $10 charge per card (Cash or check only. Credit cards not accepted. Please bring exact amount as there is not always change)  
  • Must have 2 photo IDs
  • By appointment only, Monday through Friday; call 609-921-2100, ext. 2169 to schedule.