Permit Parking Task Force

Parking Signs Collage (2) (JPG)Mission Statement

To address key issues related to both daytime and overnight parking needs among residents in a way that promotes equity in parking, while optimizing the value of existing on-street parking resources to accommodate the parking needs of guests, visitors, and service providers.


  • Councilwoman Leticia Fraga, Chair
  • Councilman David Cohen
  • Councilwoman Michelle Pirone-Lambros
  • Delores Williams, Municipal Clerk
  • Wes Pollard, Municipal Parking Operations
  • Sgt Thomas Murray, Princeton Police Department
  • Scott Goldsmith, Princeton High School
  • Peter Epstein, High School Neighborhood
  • Joanne Farrugia, Merchant, Witherspoon-Jackson Neighborhood
  • Michael Floyd, High School Neighborhood (Formerly Witherspoon-Jackson resident)
  • Stephen Griffies, Tree Streets Neighborhood
  • Jack Morrison, Merchant
  • William Bland Whitley, Witherspoon-Jackson Neighborhood


As needed. Check the calendar for meeting dates/times and instructions.

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