Parking Operations


Parking is a vital element in the economic vitality and quality of life for our businesses and residents. Parking regulations are adopted by ordinance including the overnight parking ban in the former Borough. Depending on the location, parking regulations can be found in the former Borough code or the former Township code    

Parking Tickets

Parking Enforcement is a division of the Police Department. If you have questions about the parking ticket you received and believe the ticket was issued in error, please complete the Parking Ticket Investigation Report form (Online)

If you lost your parking ticket or would like to contest your ticket, please call or visit the Court's page for more information.  

Parking Permits                                                                                    

The Municipal Clerk's office manages the municipal parking permit system for both on and off-street parking spaces. For additional information, please visit the Clerks’ page or contact the Clerk’s office.    

Parking Services 

  • Spring Street Garage
  • Parking Meter Bag Request                                                        

Public Works is responsible for the management of the Spring Street Garage and parking meter bagging services. For Spring Street garage information, please visit the Spring Street Garage page or for meter bagging service, please complete the Meter Bag Request (Online Form)

Please note: Meter bag request applications must be received at least 48 hours in advance of date required, Monday – Friday (holidays included).