Office of Historic Preservation

Princeton residents have inherited a rich architectural and historical legacy that strongly contributes to Princeton's unique physical appearance and sense of community. This legacy is visible in structures such as:

  • Bainbridge House
  • Morven
  • Route 206 Stony Brook Bridge
  • Tusculum
  • The Waxwood

Establishing the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)

Princeton is one of the few places in New Jersey that still has a representative sample of architecture from every period of its past. Despite this, a large number of the historic structures and landscapes are threatened. To protect Princeton's historical character and heritage, the HPC was established.

The role of HPC is to preserve and enhance the community's historic structures, landscapes, and streetscapes from inappropriate alterations, unwarranted demolition, and to ensure new construction is compatible with the character of historic buildings in Princeton's 20 locally designated historic districts.

The Office of Historic Preservation and HPC strive to protect Princeton's history for the education and civic pride of Princeton residents and visitors today, and for generations to come.

Department Functions

  • ‍Review proposed projects in designated historic districts
  • Provide information on types of historic preservation plan reviews
  • Assist applicants with the Historic Preservation (HP) application process
  • Administer the HPC monthly meetings
  • Work with HPC on all aspect of historic preservation
  • Recommend designations for new historic districts