On-Street Parking

On-street permit parking is allowed on certain streets within Princeton. Upon application, the Clerk's Office will verify that the street is approved for on-street parking. The Clerk's Office will then inquire if the resident has access to a driveway or any other area on the premises utilized for parking which would deem them ineligible for an on-street permit. If parking is not available on-site, one overnight on-street permit is allowed per residence.

Obtain a Permit

Proof of residency (a signed original lease/mortgage agreement) and a valid vehicle registration card must accompany the application. After reviewing the information the Clerk's Office will issue the resident a temporary one-week permit. The application will then be forwarded to the Zoning Office for review before a permit may be issued.

Overnight Hours

On-street permits are for overnight parking only. These permits enable you to park on the street where you reside between the hours of 6 pm to 9 am.


An on-street permit is sold on a quarterly basis and is $30 a quarter. The initial temporary one-week permit for on-street parking is $10. Fees are not prorated.