2020 Census

The census is a count of every person who lives in the United States and occurs every 10 years, with the next one occurring this year in 2020. Responding to the census will help our community get the funding we need and helps businesses make data-driven decisions that grow the economy. Your responses to the 2020 Census are safe, secure, and protected by federal law. Census data impact our daily lives, informing important decisions about funding for services and infrastructure in our community, including:

  • Businesses
  • Health care
  • Jobs
  • Political representation
  • Roads
  • Schools

Municipality's Purpose

The Municipality of Princeton is committed to ensuring every resident is counted. The more informed that residents become about the 2020 census operations, the better their understanding of the census process becomes, thus increasing their willingness to the 2020 Census. A complete count requires that we bring together community leaders from across Princeton so that every resident of Princeton regardless of racial, social, or economic background is counted.

Purpose of the Census Complete Count Committee

The purpose of the Complete Count Committee is to advise and assist the municipality of Princeton in obtaining the most accurate and complete population count for the Census 2020 by increasing the number of municipal responses through a focused, structured neighbor-to-neighbor program. The committee will also utilize the local knowledge, expertise and influence of each committee member to design and implement a census awareness campaign targeted to the Princeton community.

2020 Princeton Census Complete Count Committee

  • Kristin Appleget - Princeton University
  • Liz Cohen - Community Leader
  • Councilwoman Leticia Fraga
  • Edith Juarez - Princeton Community Housing/Elm Court
  • Maria Juega - Affordable Housing Board
  • Stacy Mann - Princeton Civil Rights Commission
  • Yina Moore - Witherspoon Jackson Development Corporation
  • Liliana Morenilla - Princeton School District/Princeton Human Services
  • Jorge Narvaes - Community Leader
  • Michael Roseborough - Princeton Family YMCA
  • Felicia Spitz - Princeton Children's Fund
  • Larry Spruill - Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund/Princeton Human Services Commission
  • Julie Sullivan-Crowley - YWCA Princeton
  • Morgan Taylor - Princeton Public Library
  • Melissa Urias - Princeton Human Services
  • Carol Watchler - Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice
  • Councilman Dwayne Williamson