Crime Scene Investigation Class

Who is it offered to?

Open to boys and girls in grades 6-12. Open to Princeton Residents and Non-Residents.


Sessions: January 15 (Intro Class) and February 19 (Level II Class)

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm            Location: Municipal Building Community Room (400 Witherspoon Street Princeton, NJ 08540)

Fees: Princeton Residents: $110 per session

          Non-Residents: $125 per session

Non-Residents will first be waitlisted for this program, and then added later - if space allows.

Program Description: 

Intro Class - STEM concepts relating to forensics and solving crime scenes are explored.  The lecture, labs and exercises will cover many “CSI” topics including: collecting, analyzing and classifying fingerprints, creating & examining blood spatter patterns, casting footprints, and so much more. This is a very hands-on and interactive enrichment class for students.  Current or former Detectives teach this class.  Min 12 Max 25

Level II Class (For those that have taken the Intro Class on 11/10/23 and 1/15/24)STEM principles relating to Forensics and solving Crime Scenes are explored with an all new curriculum.  The presentation, labs and exercises will cover the following topics: Collect fingerprints using Chemistry, create & examine blood splatter patterns, identify an unknown power, chromatography, time-of-death exercises, Extract DNA, Measure Glass Density, Determine, Use Trigonometry to define Bullet Trajectory and blood spatter area of origin, Crime Scene processing and much more… Current or former law enforcement Detectives will be teaching this class.  Min 12 Max 25

National CSI Camp LLC

National CSI Camp LLC is a leading educational provider in the forensic science space. They deliver unique, hands-on CSI training experiences for mature middle and high school-aged students, with a particular interest in science, law enforcement and/or forensics.  By bringing competent, personable and enthusiastic police detectives into teach high school-aged kids, National CSI aims to promote a positive bond between the police and their community.  National CSI Camp LLC Website

Financial Assistance is available, contact Evan Patrick.

  1. Evan Patrick

    Program Supervisor