Organics/Food Waste Updates

The current collection contract expires in January 2023, and Princeton will be soliciting bids from August through October 2022 for the new service. Princeton Council is considering changes to the service to contain escalating costs of solid waste and reduce the carbon emissions associated with it. Princeton Council is also considering the expansion of our service to include organics recycling for all households. Please review these presentations for more information.

For more information, please visit our English FAQ Page or Spanish FAQ Page as well as our Trash and Organics Project Page.

Residential Food Waste / Organics Collection Survey

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The current trash collection contract expires in January 2023, and Princeton is seeking bids in October 2022 for a new service. Based on industry information, Princeton expects that costs may rise by more than 40% for our existing service and the new service will include some changes to improve efficiency in waste collection.

With those changes, we are considering bringing back the food waste/organics program.

We have put together a short survey to gather feedback and level of interest in the food waste/organics program. Please take a few moments to share with us your feedback.

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