NJAW Projects

  1. Dodds Lane & Baker Court
  2. Loomis Court

Current Status

Roadway resurfacing will take place the week of May 8, 2023, dry weather conditions permitting.

Project Overview

As part of the New Jersey American Water Company's 2022 Capital Improvement Program, NJAW's contractor, Alpha Utility Contractors will be replacing water mains and individual service laterals, to the curb line, in the municipal right of way on the Dodds Lane and Baker Court.  A total of 5,400 feet of water main and services 70 transfer services are scheduled for replacement.

The existing water mains on the above-mentioned streets are near the end of their lifecycle.  Old unlined cast iron water mains build up deposits that lead to discoloration, taste and odor issues and reduced fire flows to fire hydrants.  These older pipes tend to fail, causing water main breaks.  In order for NJAW to provide high-quality, reliable water service, the contractor will be:

  • Replacing the water main in the street with new 8" ductile iron cement lined water main 
  • Replace individual house service laterals to the curb line / edge of pavement  
  • Install water meter chambers near the curb line / edge of pavement where applicable for each residence
  • Restore all disturbed area including roadway resurfacing