Frequently Asked Questions

*The following are not allowed in the CP Pool complex: bikes, scooters, skateboards, hoverboards, roller-blades, inline skates, frisbees, soccer balls and other non-aquatic athletic equipment.*

Q: Will I be allowed to bring a non-resident guest with me to the pool in 2023?

  • A:  We will be allowing non-resident guests in 2023. Princeton residents and CP Pool members will be allowed to bring non-resident guests to the pool on any given day. Pool members/residents must be present at the pool while their guests are in attendance. The guest form and waiver must be completed and presented at the time of entry to the pool complex.
  • Guests must be sponsored by either a Pool member or DAC holder and then pay the appropriate daily admission fee upon entry to the pool. (Guest of a Pool member = $7/youth & $14/adult. Guest of a DAC Holder = $14/youth and $18/adult)
  • PRD reserves the right to limit guests as needed on any given day based on capacity and attendance. 

Q: Are you accepting any new non-resident members  in 2023? 

  • A:We are accepting new non-resident members in 2023. Individuals will need to create a CommunityPass account in order to register. 

Q: I'm a Princeton resident but I have never had a Daily Admission Card (DAC). When can I pick up my DAC for 2023?

  • A: After you register for your 2023 Daily Admission Card on Community Pass,  You will need to come to the Recreation Department office (380 Witherspoon St) from 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday and have your photo taken for your DAC. 

Q: I'm a Princeton resident and had a DAC previously, can I use the same card again this summer?

  • A: Only if your DAC had your photo on it. If not, you must first register for the 2023 DAC option in CommunityPass and then come to the office to have your photo taken and receive your new DAC. If your DAC already has your photo on it then all you need to do is register for the 2023 Daily Admission Card Season in Community Pass and complete the online waiver.

Q:Can I bring my own food and drink to the pool?

  • A: Yes. Guests may always bring their own food and drink. Glass bottles and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the complex. All bags & coolers are subject to being searched upon entry to the complex. The concession stand will be open during the pool's normal hours of operation, as well.

Q: Are there tables and chairs available for use at the pool?

  • A: Chairs, benches and tables are available for use at the pool on a first come first served basis. Patrons may bring their own chairs if they choose.

Q: Can I reserve the Pool Community Room or other space for a gathering at the pool?

  • A: The Community Room is available to be reserved on weekends only for parties and gatherings. During the week, when not in use for Recreation Department Camps/activities, the Community Room is available first come first served and may not be reserved or used for large gatherings. All other seating areas are available first come first served and may not be reserved.

Q:Do you offer private (or 1 on 1) swim lessons?

  • A: No, all of our lessons are group lessons. In addition, pool patrons may not bring an outside instructor/swim coach with them to Community Park Pool for the purpose of giving a lesson or instruction. 

Q: Under what circumstances might the pool close early due to weather?

  • A: Princeton Recreation Department reserves the right to close the pool due inclement weather at the discretion of the management. The following situations are examples of when the facility might close early due to weather related circumstances:
    • Thunder/Lightning: It is a minimum of a 30-minute closure for thunder and lightning. After 6pm, management typically closes the pool for the evening when hearing thunder or seeing lightning.
    • Extended Rain/Thunderstorms:  Management reserves the right to close due to extended rain/thunderstorms and/or the forecast for extended rain/thunderstorms.
    • Air Temperature/Water Temperature: Management reserves the right to close when either the air temperature or water temperature is less than 70 degrees and/or the combined air and water temperature is less than 145 degrees.

Q: How do I find out if the pool is closing early due to inclement weather?

  • A: Be sure to check Princeton Recreation Facebook or Twitter, or call the pool front office: 609-921-2990. PRD reserves the right to close early due to inclement weather at the discretion of the manager. In addition, due to limited sheltering capacity, patrons may be asked to leave the complex in the event of a thunder/lightning delay.

Community Park Pool Rules (PDF)

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