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2014 Annual Report

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Mercer County Area ID Card

Police, Fire and EMS personnel now have another verified photo identification card option for any resident of our community who does not drive and who might require emergency assistance and cannot speak for themselves, either due to injury or language barrier.   All Princeton Residents are eligible for this card.  This is a photo identification card that provides personal identifying information, medical risk factors, and emergency contact information for the cardholder; see below for sample images of both faces of the card. 

This card is not issued by any city, state or federal agency, but this program is endorsed by law enforcement agencies, including: Princeton Police, Mercer County Sheriff’s Office and Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office. This is a privately distributed photo identification card for residents of Princeton with the sponsorship of various community organizations who form the One Community Coalition.

This Photo ID may be used at social service agencies, schools, clinics, parks, post offices, and libraries for purposes of access to basic municipal or health services and as a form of identification by check cashing companies, banks, retail stores or other establishments.   A formal application is required for issuance.  Examples of combined documents required to obtain the Mercer County Area ID Card are: passport, birth certificate, consular card and lease, utility or phone bill.  To address any potential privacy and confidentiality concerns, no personal cardholder data will be retained after issuance.

The card is issued by the Latin American Legal Defense & Education Fund, a nonprofit advocacy group, at the Princeton Public Library every Thursday in Room 232 from 12-2pm and again from 5-7pm and on the first Sunday of every month from 2-4pm.   Call (609) 688-0881 for more information.

There is a $10 cost ($5 for youth under 21and seniors over 65) per card to cover expenses.  For additional

ID Card Example