Curbside Organic Program
Princeton Department of Public Works
Janet Pellichero, CRP
(609) 688-2566
Recycling Coordinator
Princeton Composts!
you put these materials into the green organic
cart that is provided by Central Jersey Waste.
We will give you
Every Wednesday you leave the cart at the
everything to
curb to be emptied. It’s that easy! Without all
the food waste & organic material, your
ordinary trash will take longer to fill. Many
32 gallon wheeled
participants in the program DO NOT put a
cart with tight fitting
trash container out for weekly collection.
How much does it cost?
Counter top Kitchen FREE
$65.00 for WEEKLY collection through January
31, 2016. Collection is every Wednesday.
Compostable bags
What goes in the green organic cart?
to line your Kitchen
A tremendous amount of material; not just left-
over food (including meat, fish & bones) but
also PIZZA BOXES and other kinds of soiled
paper products, and most yard waste too! l
Scroll down for the Guide to Your Containers:
What happens to the organic material?
It is turned into compost. Huge amounts of
organic waste and a special GoreTex cover are
Did you know it
involved so the compost gets very hot. This
costs $118.00 per
Be SEEN with the GREEN! Don’t send your organics to
means that compost can be made using items
ton to dispose of
that can’t be easily composted in a back yard,
trash but only
such as meat & bones, fish skins and PIZZA
$50.00 to compost
Started in June 2011 in the Princeton Township
BOXES! Organics become compost in just 80
Department of Public Works as a 3 month
days after you put them out for weekly
Pilot program, the Curbside Organic Program
is here to stay! Instead of landfilling food
Removing organics
waste and other biodegradable/compostable
from the trash
material such as paper napkins & paper towels,
reduces methane gas
mcreated in landfills
Why compost?
Participants receive
Composting is
landfills, which are costly and
material like food and yard
FREE Compost each
a natural
are an unsustainable method
waste decomposes in an
process that
of waste disposal. According
anaerobic, or oxygen-free,
turns organic
to the United States
environment like a landfill,
Environmental Protection
methane gas is produced.
material into a
Agency, buried waste is the
Since composting diverts
nutrient-rich soil amendment
#1 source of human-caused
these materials from landfills,
(compost) that is valuable to
methane gas, a potent
it thereby reduces the
industries and the
greenhouse gas that is a major
amount of methane gas that
environment. Composting
contributor to global
ends up in our atmosphere.
diverts materials away from
warming. When organic
Out trash is taken to the GROWS Landfill in Tullytown, PA. Zero
Waste America provided this picture of the landfill
Our compost facility: Two Particular Acres in Rotersford, PA
According to the EPA, 33 million tons of food waste reach landfills
each year in the United States. This food could be prevented, used
to feed people, or composted to create a valuable soil amendment.
Check out the different types of compost bins that
you can make or purchase for backyard composting!
Try Back Yard Composting!
If a significant number of people in our
community start composting, our
Composting is easy to do and provides
excellent fertilizer for your lawn and garden.
garbage costs will go down.
It also reduces the number of trash you send Less garbage: Consider the reduction
to the landfill. With many environmental
of waste in your own kitchen garbage
benefits, composting also provides financial
when you compost, and you get an idea
benefits and the satisfaction of knowing you
of how a composting nation can reduce
are moving towards a more sustainable
garbage in city dumps and landfills.
You create a rich fertilizer: Your
composted scraps become a nutrient-
rich, organic fertilizer that can be sifted
and used to improve your garden,
landscaping and grass.
Interested in learning different ways you can compost in your home
Gardens fed with compost also require
or backyard? Rutgers Cooperative Extension offers a variety of Fact
less water and less fertilizers to
produce the same amount of growth as
Sheets to help guide you. Click on the link to visit their website
a garden without composted matter in
the soil.
Feed People, Not Landfills - An estimated 50 million Americans do not have access to enough food. Organizations can
donate safe and healthy food to a food bank or food rescue organization and both reduce food sent to landfills and feed those
in need. To learn how you can donate much needed food to Mercer Street Friends click here: