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Road Closures - May 3rd and May 4th


STUART SCHOOL 5K - On Saturday, May 3, 2014, The Stuart School will host a 5k race to be held on the roadways in the area around the school. As a result, street closures will be necessary during the event. The following roads will be closed beginning at 8:00am until the race finish (approximately 45-60 minutes).
  * Stuart Rd. between Great Rd. East and Bouvant Dr.
  * Bouvant Dr. between Cherry Hill Rd. and Stuart Rd.
  * White Oak Rd. (entire length)
Local residents will be allowed access to and egress from homes in the race area at the discretion of officers and race officials, with the safety of the race participants being paramount.

PRINCETON FIRE DEPT. INSPECTION PARADE - The annual Fire Department Inspection Parade will be held on Saturday May 3rd 2014 beginning at 7pm. As a result of the event, road closures will be necessary along the parade route as are listed below.
* Chestnut St. between Nassau St. and Spruce St. will be closed to traffic at 6:30pm.
* Nassau St. between Chestnut St. and Monument Hall (intersection of Nassau/Bayard) will be closed at 7pm. All intersections on Nassau St. along the parade route will be closed during the event and will be re-opened as is practical as the parade passes by, with primary consideration to the safety of participants and onlookers.
* No parking will be permitted on the south side of Stockton St. between Bayard Lane and Library Place during the event. Emergency 'No Parking' signs will be posted in the area.
* The designated detour around the parade area is posted as Hamilton Ave/Wiggins St/Paul Robeson Pl. with the aid of signs, barricades and officers posted to assist with the flow of traffic.

PRINCETON CYCLOVIA - On Sunday, May 4th beginning at 12:30 pm, Quaker Rd. will be closed between Mercer St. and Nassau Park Blvd. to facilitate the Cyclovia event scheduled at that time. Traditional road closures on Quaker Rd. will apply in the form of gates and signage that are permanently posted in the area. The designated detour for the event will be Province Line Rd. to Mercer St. The event is scheduled to end at 4:30 pm with the road being re-opened to all traffic.