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From the office of Construction Inspection

Modern technology and lower prices interest everyone.

Such is the case with the wireless burglar and fire alarm systems being offered to for sale to Princeton residents.

However, BUYER BEWARE, do not be misled.

The 3 smoke alarm system being offered as part of a burglar/ smoke alarm monitored system is considered to be a supplemental system only.   It is not a replacement for your homes code correct system.  The primary fire system for your home is the one installed when your home was built, or renovated.

You will need to maintain BOTH systems, should you decide to add a wireless system.  You cannot occupy your home without the primary system being operational.

If you should choose to sell your home at a later date, only a fully code compliant system for your home would be acceptable.   You may have to reinstall your old system in order to sell your home.

If you have any questions, call us. We are here to help .


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