1996 PRINCETON COMMUNITY MASTER PLAN adopted - December 12, 1996


Street Name Project Limits Proposed Year of
Type of Work
Cherry Valley Road Great Rd/Transco Easement 1996 Overlayment
Dogwood Lane All 1996 Reconstruction
Erdmann Avenue Leavitt Lane - Borough line 1996 Overlayment
Franklin Avenue All 1996 Reconstruction
Hartley Avenue All 1996 Reconstruction
Jefferson Road Mt. Lucas - Terhune 1996 Reconstruction
Leavitt Lane All 1996 Overlayment
Red Hill Road Mt. Lucas to Route 206 1996 Reconstruction
Riverside Drive East Route 27 - Prospect Avenue 1996 Reconstruction
Shady Brook Lane All 1996 Reconstruction
Brookstone Drive All 1997 Overlayment
Dempsey Avenue All 1997 Reconstruction
Dodds Lane All 1997 Reconstruction
Fairway Drive All 1997 Overlayment
Gallup Road All 1997 Overlayment
Jefferson Road Valley Road - Borough line 1997 Reconstruction
Leabrook Lane Linwood - Breaburn 1997 Reconstruction
Littlebrook Road All 1997 Reconstruction
Newlin Road All 1997 Reconstruction
Olden Lane All 1997 Overlayment
Randall Road All 1997 Reconstruction
Russell Road All 1997 Overlayment
Stetson Way All 1997 Overlayment
Stuart Road Great Road - Great Rd. West 1997 Reconstruction
Stuart Road Hardy - Cherry Hill 1997 Reconstruction
Talbot Lane All 1997 Overlayment
Tyson Lane All 1997 Reconstruction
Wendover Drive Brookstone Dr. - Puritan Ct. 1997 Reconstruction
Winant Road All 1997 Reconstruction
Carnahan Place All 1998 Overlayment
Henry Avenue All 1998 Overlayment
Hun Road All 1998 Overlayment
Laurel Road All 1998 Reconstruction
Linwood Circle All 1998 Reconstruction
Maclean Circle All 1998 Reconstruction
Monroe Lane All 1998 Reconstruction
Moore Street All 1998 Overlayment
Poe Road Random Road - Shadybrook Lane 1998 Reconstruction
Ridgeview Circle All 1998 Reconstruction
Stony Brook Lane All 1998 Reconstruction
Tee-Ar Place All 1998 Reconstruction
Wheatsheaf Lane All 1998 Overlayment
Abernathy Drive All 1999 Reconstruction
Bayard Lane All 1999 Overlayment
Cherry Hill Road All 1999 Overlayment
Clover Lane All 1999 Overlayment
Drakes Corner Rado All 1999 Reconstruction
Duffield Place All 1999 Overlayment
Province Line Road Drakes Corner - Cherry Valley 1999 Overlayment
Knoll Drive All 2000 Reconstruction
Montadale Circle All 2000 Reconstruction
Montadale Drive All 2000 Reconstruction
Pretty Brook Road All 2000 Reconstruction
Ridgeview Road All 2000 Reconstruction
Breaburn Drive All 2001 Reconstruction
Broadripple Drive All 2001 Reconstruction
Crestview Drive All 2001 Reconstruction
Deer Path All 2001 Overlayment
Finley Road All 2001 Reconstruction
Gulick Road All 2001 Reconstruction
Howe Circle All 2001 Reconstruction
Locust Lane All 2001 Overlayment
Magnolia Lane Broadripple - Overbrook Dr. 2001 Reconstruction
Marion Road East All 2001 Overlayment
Marion Road West All 2001 Overlayment
Meadowbrook Drive All 2001 Reconstruction
Pheasant Hill Road All 2001 Overlayment
Sycamore Road All 2001 Reconstruction
White Pine Lane All 2001 Overlayment
Constitution Drive All 2002 Reconstruction
Heather Lane All 2002 Overlayment
Hickory Court All 2002 Overlayment
Hillside Avenue All 2002 Reconstruction
Hillside Road All 2002 Reconstruction
Hunt Drive All 2002 Overlayment
Independence Drive All 2002 Reconstruction
Lambert Drive All 2002 Reconstruction
Loomis Court All 2002 Reconstruction
Oakland Street All 2002 Reconstruction
Overbrook Drive All 2002 Reconstruction
Pardee Circle All 2002 Reconstruction
Random Road All 2002 Reconstruction
Roper Road All 2002 Overlayment
Winfield Road All 2002 Overlayment
Clearview Avenue All 2003 Reconstruction
Dorann Avenue All 2003 Reconstruction
McCosh Circle All 2003 Reconstruction
Snowden Lane All 2003 Reconstruction
Springdale Road All 2003 Reconstruction
Walnut Lane Valley Road - Dempsey Avenue 2003 Reconstruction
Caldwell Drive All 2004 Reconstruction
Herrontown Circle All 2004 Reconstruction
Herrontown Road Caldwell Drive - River Road 2004 Reconstruction
Hilltop Drive All 2004 Reconstruction
Laurel Circle All 2004 Reconstruction
Mansgrove Road All 2004 Reconstruction
Mountain Avenue All 2004 Reconstruction
Terhune Road All 2004 Overlayment
Woodland Drive All 2004 Reconstruction
Cuyler Road All 2005 Reconstruction
Ewing Street Valley Rd. - N. Harrison St. 2005 2005 Reconstruction
Mt. Lucas Road Transco Easement - Montgomery Twp. 2005 Overlayment
Philip Drive All 2005 Reconstruction
Province Line Road Stuart Rd. West to Stony Brook 2005 Overlayment
Stuart Road West All 2005 Reconstruction
Vernon Circle All 2005 Reconstruction
Woodside Lane All 2005 Reconstruction
Baker Court All 2006 Overlayment
Great Road West All 2006 Overlayment
Grover Avenue All 2006 Overlayment
Journeys End Lane All 2006 Overlayment
Mason Drive All 2006 Overlayment
North Road All 2006 Reconstruction

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