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Princeton Office of Information Technology
400 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ 08540

Do NOT send emergency requests with this form, Call 9-1-1.

Vital information may need to be distributed to residents and businesses in a rapid fashion. The Mass Notification System may be used when an emergency takes place in our community due to power outages, storms, water emergencies, other hazardous conditions and also for non-emergency information concerning dates for brush, log and leaf collection, and also for interruptions to trash, organic or recycling collections.

Telephone Notification
Princeton has acquired the services of Rapid Notify which has a computerized telephone system that can target a general Princeton-wide area or a very specific area and send messages to over 13,000 phones per hour. If there is an emergency that may be a risk to Princeton, the Office of Information Technology will activate the system.

This form is intended for all new homes and businesses owners, renters or tenants. Please complete this form and re-direct it to the Office of Information Technology AS SOON AS POSSIBLE Your physical address and telephone numbers will be incorporated into the Emergency Telephone database.

Princeton will also be utilizing the Internet as another means. Access will be through this website. Check the Princeton Home page:

Sample Message
“There has been a water main break north of Princeton. The public is advised to boil all drinking water for a period of at least one-minute prior to drinking. Please turn on your Radio/TV for further information" OR "Additional information can be found at the Princeton Web Site. Do not call 9-1-1 unless you have an emergency."

Unlisted Numbers
If you have an unlisted phone number, you may not be included in the Mass Notification system. Please contact the Princeton Office of Information Technology through the Princeton office to add your number to the system! Contact can be made either through:

If you have someone living with you that has a special condition or situation which requires special handling or service, please note them in the form..

Both unlisted and published number may included in the Emergency Telephone Notification system. Telephone numbers WILL NOT be given to other agencies.

Test messages may be received once each year to ensure that the numbers are working properly.

Declining the Service
You may of course decline to be placed on this list. Requests for your name and telephone number to be removed and NOT to receive notifications must be in written form. If you are declining the Service, please print, sign the attached form, (Mass Notification Registration Form (PDF) and mail it to the Office of Information Technology in Princeton.

You may reconsider to receive notification messages at any time in the future. Such requests must be in written form and use the attached form
(Mass Notification Registration Form (PDF)

Please call or contact the Office of Information Technology at 609-688-2037 (Fax: 609-688-2031)