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Princeton Council

Bernard Miller, Council President
Jo Butler
Jenny Crumiller
Heather Howard
Lance Liverman
Patrick Simon

The six council members are elected at-large to staggered three-year terms. At its annual Re-organization meeting in January, the council shall, by the vote of a majority of its number, elect a president of the council, who shall preside at all its meetings when the mayor does not preside. The president of the council shall hold office for one year and until the next annual meeting. She/He shall have the right to debate and vote on all questions before council.

The CouncilĀ is the legislative body of Princeton. It proposes and adopts local ordinances and resolutions. It overrides the mayor's veto by 2/3 majority of all members. Confirms mayor's appointments. Gains appointment power upon failure to confirm mayor's appointee or after office vacant for 30 days. Has all executive responsibility not placed in office of mayor. The Council is responsible for reviewing and adopting the annual budget proposed by the Mayor.

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