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Council Agendas and Minutes

We welcome public comment as an important part of our meetings and decision making. If you arrive before the meeting starts, please sign your name on the sign up sheet for public comment. Those who have signed up will be called to speak first. When you come to the microphone, please state your name and address for the record, and please keep your comments to three minutes. If you have written remarks and would like them included in the minutes, please email your comments to the clerk’s office or provide a written copy to the clerk at the meeting.

2018 Council Agendas and Minutes
Date Notices Agenda Minutes Video
January 2 - Reorganization Notice Agenda   Video
January 6 Notice Agenda    
January 8 Notice Notice Agenda    
January 22   Agenda   Video
February 12 Notice Agenda   Video
February 21 (if needed) Notice Agenda    
February 26 Notice Agenda    
March 12        
March 21 (if needed)        
March 26        
April 9        
April 18 (if needed)        
April 23        
May 7        
May 16 (if needed)        
May 21        
June 11        
June 20 (if needed)        
June 25        
July 9        
July 18 (if needed)        
July 23        
August 13        
August 27        
September 11 (Tuesday)        
September 24        
October 8        
October 22        
October 31(if needed)        
November 19        
December 3        
December 17        
December 27 (10:00 am)        

Archived Agendas and Minutes