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small dogTo All Princeton Dog Owners:

The Health Department is sponsoring a Free Rabies Clinic on February 28, 2015
from 9:00am until 12:00 noon at the Firehouse, 363 Witherspoon Street
(across from the municipal building).

Click here for the Rabies Clinic flyer

Dog Licensing in Princeton

$12.00 for a spayed/neutered dog
$15.00 for a non-spayed/unneutered dog
Only cash or check will be accepted.  Makes checks payable to Princeton.

Office of the Clerk
400 Witherspoon Street
Princeton NJ 08540

If you are licensing a dog in Princeton, a certificate of rabies vaccination must be supplied and the vaccination may not expire prior to November 1, 2015.  If the animal has been neutered/spayed a certificate or other written proof is required in order to be exempt from a $3.00 surcharge.  These certificates will be returned to you.

Princeton Clerks Office
400 Witherspoon Street, Princeton NJ 08540

Owners Name:__________________________________________________________________



Dogs Name:_____________________________________________________________________


Sex:______________________Hair:  Long, Medium or Short_____________________________



Neutered/Spayed:  No_______________Yes____________________(proof must be provided)


In order to obtain a license, be sure to enclose a valid rabies vaccination certificate and proof of spaying/neutering, if applicable.  New Jersey State law requires that the rabies vaccination cannot expire prior to November 1 of the licensing year.
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Pet Waste Pollutes Our Waters – What You Can Do To Help Protect Our Water

Did you know that animal waste from pets can pollute our waters? When left on the ground, pet waste is washed by rain and melting snow and ice into storm drains that carry it to our rivers, lakes, the ocean and drinking water.

Animal waste contains a high concentration of nutrients as well as bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms that can cause problems.

Princeton pet owners are required to remove all feces deposited by such dog on public or private property and must dispose of same in a sanitary manner in accordance with section 6-5.2 of the Princeton Code.

Residents are reminded that all dogs must be accompanied by and under the control of a responsible person and the dog must be on a leash not to exceed 8 feet in length, 24 hours a day unless confined within its owner’s property. 

Dogs in parks shall be restrained by a leash not to exceed 16 feet.
Princeton Animal Control (609) 924-2728