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Neighborhood Zoning Initiative

RESEARCH – complied by RBA/NV5 in 2017

Single Family Home Demolition Permits by Year (2005-2016)

Neighborhood Zoning Initiative - Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Infill Development in Alexandria

Presentation - Neighborhood Change/Neighborhood Character - September 27, 2016

Task Force Meeting (Recap & Action Items) - October 11, 2016

NAHB Estimates 55,000 Single-family Tear-down Starts in 2015

How Teardowns Are Reshaping Suburbia

The incredible shrinking American yard

Teardown Town: surrounded by delay bylaws, Wellesley a demolition haven

Teardown battle in Minneapolis: A city at war with itself

Teardown Town: An interactive look at the budgetary implications of Wellesley’s trend

Can there be a teardown that everybody agrees on?


Even $1 million homes vulnerable to teardowns in hot neighborhoods

Chicago Cityscape - 10 years of teardowns

Chicago Cityscape - 10 years of teardowns (map)

St. Paul's Tangletown in twist over teardown

No slowdown for teardowns in Minneapolis under new housing rules

St. Paul's Tangletown in twist over teardown

"When a house is demolished, more than the home is Lost": On North America's demolition derby

Curbing developers would preserve neighborhoods’ character

PRINCETON: Council unanimously designates Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood as historic district (Updated)

Princeton Real Estate: A Tale Of Two Towns

A Slower Pace in Teardowns

McMansions or Bash-and-Builds, Some Towns Have Had Enough

City Council Approves New Zoning Ordinance to Control Housing Construction in Sea Isle

Sea Isle City continues to debate curbing size of 'monster houses'

Sayreville Borough, NJ - Municipal Code

Tenafly - 2013 Land Use Periodic Review Master Plan

West Windsor, NJ proposed zoning ordinances

Clinton Township, NJ Preserving Community Character

Madison - Development Services Center

Newton, MA - Newton's Demolition Review Policy

Portland demolition tax is dead

Portland, Oregon - Development Services

Alexandra, Virginia Del Ray Study

Austin, Texas - Adopted Neighborhood Planning Areas

Residential Design & Compatibility Standards Subchapter F "McMansion Ordinance"

Restore Oregon - Neighborhood Preservation

MinneapolisNeighborhood Guide for Developing Planning Documents

Alexandria Master Plan & Citywide Chapters

State's first city teardown enforcer makes her mark in Edina

Housing Regulation Database - Massachusetts Municipalities

Lexington, MA - Amend Zoning Bylaw

Nashville - Contextual Overlays

Alexandria - Guide to Construction

Alexandria - Infill Task Force, 2007 - 2009

The Lowdown on Teardowns

The Teardown Option: Is it for You?

Get on Top of the Teardown Trend

Princeton Planning Board Meeting, Sept. 27, 2016

Neighborhood Zoning Study Group, May 18, 2016