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Office of Historic Preservation
Christine M. Lewandoski, PP, AICP
Historic Preservation Officer
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Historic Districts & Sites Designated by Princeton Township

Project Review By The Commission

Higher Or Lower Impact Improvements (lOB-272.4) 

The Commission categorizes as either higher or lower the impact that proposed structures, additions, and alterations will have on the historic structures and historic features within the district to which they are visually related. Higher impact improvements are ones which, because of proximity, topography, vegetation, and other pertinent factors, have a close and direct visual relationship to such structures and features. All other improvements shall be considered lower impact. ( lOB-272.4) 

The Commission uses the "impact standards" to review the proposed project. The Commission will discuss the application and the effect that it will have using these standards (see the following lists). If the application has been categorized as "higher impact" all standards will be applied. If it is " lower impact", only the lower impact standards in bold are used. 

All of the following constitute High Impact Standards. Lower impact standards are indicated in BOLD type face. 

a. Height 

b. Width of the Structure to the Height of the Front Elevation 

c. Width and Height of Windows 

d. Relationship of Solids to Voids 

e. Relationship of Proposed Structure to Open Space and Adjoining Structures 

f. Relationship of Entrance and Porch Projections 

g. Relationship of Materials, Texture, and Color of Facade and Roof 

h. Roof Shape 

i. Appurtenances such as Walls and Open-type Fencing 

j. Size of the Structure, Mass, Windows, Door Openings, Porches, and Balconies 

k. Visual Compatibility with the Structures and Places within the District 

l. Compatibility of the Pattern and Variety of Plantings to the Historic Landscape

m. Screening of Parking Areas

n. Impediment or Blocking of Views within the District

Telephone Numbers

Princeton Township Zoning and Historic Preservation Dept. 609-292-0061
New Jersey Office of Historic Preservation, Trenton 609-292-2023
National Park Service, Philadelphia 215-597-7878
National Trust for Historic Preservation, Mid-Atlantic Region Philadelphia 215-568-8162
Preservation New Jersey, Trenton 609-392-6409
The Historical Society of Princeton 609-921-6748
New Jersey Historical Commission, Trenton 609-292-6062

Joline Gulick House
Joline Gulick House - built c. 1830