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Office of Historic Preservation
Christine M. Lewandoski, PP, AICP
Historic Preservation Officer
400 Witherspoon Street, Princeton NJ 08540
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Historic Preservation in Princeton Township

Why Preserve?

Historic architecture is an essential element of Princeton's physical image today. Of the leading communities in New Jersey affairs, Princeton is one of the few that still possesses a representative sample of architecture from every period of its past. Despite this, a large number of the Township's historic structures are threatened. Some suffer from neglect or inappropriate alterations. Many more are altered to keep pace with the whims of the real estate market and the fashions of today's residences. The historic landscape, also an integral part of the Township's historic development, is similarly endangered. 

In order to preserve and enhance the special historic characteristics of the municipality, the Township Committee in 1987 established the Princeton Historic Preservation Commission and enacted historic district regulations to:

  1. preserve and enhance structures, archaeological sites, and locations which reflect the heritage of the community;

  2. maintain and develop harmonious settings for such structures, archaeological sites and locations; 

  3. foster civic pride;

  4. protect and enhance the community's attractions to visitors; 

  5. strengthen the economy of the community; 

  6. promote the appreciation of landmarks for the education, pleasure, and welfare of the people of Princeton Township. 

Historic Preservation Commission Responsibilities (lOB-27.3)

  1. Prepare and update a survey of historic sites of the Township pursuant to criteria identified in the survey report; 

  2. Make recommendations to the Planning Board on the historic preservation plan element of the master plan and on the implications for preservation of historic sites of any other master plan elements; 

  3. Advise the Planning Board on the inclusion of historic sites in the recommended capital improvements program; 

  4. Take actions on applications for development (lOB-41.1); 

  5. Take such action on applications for preservation plan approval (lOB-41.1)

  6. Adopt guidelines pertaining to the substantive standards and determine whether a proposed preservation plan will have a significant impact . (lOB-272.4 and lOB-272.5 and lOB-41.2(a) and (b) )

  7. Carry out such other advisory, educational, and informational functions as will promote historic preservation in the Township.

Mercer Road Bridge
Mercer Road Bridge - built c. 1810