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Office of Historic Preservation
Christine M. Lewandoski, PP, AICP
Historic Preservation Officer
400 Witherspoon Street, Princeton NJ 08540
609-921-1359 - Fax: 609-688-2026
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Historic Preservation in Princeton Township

Quaker Meeting House 1769
Quaker Meeting House - rebuilt c. 1769

Princeton Township Historic Preservation Commission
Princeton, New Jersey

The publication from which this information was taken has been supported in part by a grant from the
National Trust for Historic Preservation

This booklet is dedicated to the memory of
William H. Short, FAIA (1924-1991)


Michele L. Tuck - Mayor
Sharon S. Bilanin - Deputy Mayor
Phyllis L. Marchand
Steven B. Frakt
Carl Mayer


Maynett Cox Breithaupt - Chairman
Nancy Robins - Vice Chair
Wanda Gunning
David Schure
Robert von Zumbusch
Thomas E. White (Alternate 1)
Jacqueline Meisel (Alternate 2)

Sharon S. Bilanin - Township Committee Liaison


Christine Lewandoski, PP, AICP, Historic Preservation Officer
Peter A. Kneski, Zoning Officer
Rita O. Meehan, Secretary

Edwin W. Schmierer, Esq.
Clifford W. Link, Historic Preservation Consultant

Purpose and Intent

The purpose of this handbook is to assist property owners, residents, and developers of property in historic districts in filing preservation plans (plans for restoration). Users of this handbook will come to understand the purpose and procedures of the Historic Preservation Commission of the Township of Princeton.

Booklet references to the Princeton Township Land Use Ordinance are included to enable the reader to easily look up the ordinance language. The land use ordinance numbers are current as of November 1995, and are listed in parentheses throughout the text.


This publication has been made possible in part by a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation through the William Short Endowment for projects in the State of New Jersey. We gratefully acknowledge this assistance.

The Commission would like to thank Stanley and Sarah Updike for giving permission to reproduce their phorograph of the Updike farm circa 1920.

All other photographs were taken by Clifford Zink for the Princeton Township historic Survey in 1991.

The maps were compiled by Thomas E. White, AIA.

Copyright Princeton Township - 1995