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Archive - Historic Preservation in Princeton Borough

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my project need to be reviewed by the HPRC?

For properties located within the four local historic districts, the HPRC considers applications for exterior alterations that are visible from the public right-of-way. Activities and changes that require review include: construction of fences; addition of light fixtures; changing or adding awnings; changes in roof materials, including gutters and downspouts; window replacement; storm window installation; shutter removal or replacement; building additions; new construction, including accessory structures; and demolition of any structure.

My business needs a new sign. May I replace the old one?

In addition to complying with the Borough ordinance with respect to size, placement, and illumination, new or relocated signs in the historic districts require approval by the HPRC. In general, the basic design, background colors, and lettering of a sign should be harmonious with the architectural style and color of the building, as well as the surrounding buildings.

What if I need to paint my house?

Paint color is subject to review only if the building surface has never been painted before. Otherwise, painting a surface that has previously been painted is considered general maintenance and does not require review. If there will be extensive repair and replacement of deteriorated building elements (cornices, steps, porch posts, handrails) in preparation for painting, approval may be required. It is advisable to speak to the Borough Historic Preservation Office early on in these circumstances.