Adaptive November Dance

November Dance Party- ages 13+

Join us for our another in-person dance party at the Community Park Pool Complex on Friday, November 12th,   7-9pm! Sponsored by Princeton Special Sports, Princeton Recreation, Montgomery Township Recreation, Franklin Townships Parks & Recreation, Dance is hosted by our favorite DJ Redline Steven Knox! 

We’re going to wait until October 29 to open registration. We’ll have a more reliable read on the weather by then. Watch for the email from – and for messaging from the Franklin, Montgomery, and Princeton Recreation Departments if you’re on their email lists or social media feeds – for updates.

We’re pretty sure we’ll need to go virtual after November – we expect the municipalities and schools to remain cautious through the winter. It’ll be disappointing especially because December is our Holiday Dance, but it’s better than not getting together at all. The upside is that it will enable anyone who hasn’t been able, or has been reluctant, to attend in person to join in the fun!

If you need to pay offline, please email Princeton Special Sports and they will make arrangements for you..

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